For all the Set in Stone multimedia, this page has got it all (OK, maybe not... but it's got enough!)

Interview with 101 KUFO radio station

Check out our interview with Jeff Allen of the Viva La Luna show on 101.1 KUFO Portland's Rock.

Here is a collection of pictures from our lives shows, as well as from our photoshoot sessions.

Fan Photos

Been to a Set in Stone show? Submit your photos by emailing them to!

We've gathered a group of videos for your viewing pleasure. Here are a few of our featured vids:

Recording Open Doors - Inside the Studio | "Alone" Album Release - 05/13/11

"Bodies" Album Release - 05/13/11 | "Note to Self" Album Release - 05/13/11

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Our music can be heard on our web site media player (at the top right corner of the page), or on our myspace page here.

Our lyrics can be found here.